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About Stork Fertility Center

High Success Rate
High Live-Birth Rate
Personal and Precision In-vitro Fertilization

Established in 2000, Stork Fertility Center is a leading center dedicated to providing patients with personal & precision IVF (PP-IVF) solution.

Our centers in Taipei and Hsinchu offer the most advanced techniques in IVF enhancing pregnancy rate to 80%, including IMSI, PGS, PGD and ERA. With Asia's largest egg bank, a database of 300 egg donors, we've achieved more than 10,000 successful cases with 90% of thawing survival rate.

Our holistic services and treatments are delivered by a team of approximately 300 experienced professionals. We strive to make all effort to ensure you a smooth fertility journey.

  • One of the top 3 fertility centers in Taiwan.

  • Record of conception at the age of 47 through IVF

  • Record of 62-year-old woman conceived boy and girl twins in Asia.

  • Our Eggs bank and sperm bank enlists the largest number of Asian donors in Asia. 1 out of 2 egg recipients in Taiwan are originated from Stork Fertility Center. 

  • First in Asia to assist Hemophilia carrier couple for a healthy offspring by PGD(PGT-M).

  • Fully equipped with an in-house PGS(PGT-A) lab since 2015, we have already examined over 9,000 embryos through our PGS-NGS platform.

  • Achieving 80% of successful rate with by innovative IVF 3.0+.

For international clients, we provide comprehensive medical service and travel guidance:

  • Specially assigned IVF consultant

  • Agency service for visa application in certain area

  • Professional medical consultation

  • Personalized treatment plan design

  • Minimal times of travel for international clients

Kindly check Seven Doctors introduction. Each doctor has their personal charming. Having a meeting with them and choose the appropriate doctor as your attending physician.

For English service or clients from other countries, please refer to the following contact information: